these days

each morning i lift you out of your crib

i can’t help but notice

you’re a little heavier

ounce by ounce

the slow creep is a constant hum

in the background of these days

each afternoon i rock you as you nurse

and you weigh down my arms

a little more

these days are

building your strength

and mine

each evening as i lay you down

kisses sprinkled upon your forehead

a body bigger than the day before

these arms ache

tired from the weight of it all

but still they cry out to start over again


these days help me prepare 

for the one

when i’ll no longer be called on to hold you so close

instead i will be asked to use my new strong arms

to hold the burden of my worry

to hug you goodbye

to watch your life begin

as you head out on your own

yes, the weight of these days is inescapable.