Helen: Chapter Nine

I’ve been really jonesing to write some more fiction, but I am also knee-deep in a novel revise and rewrite, so I’ve made a compromise with myself: Allie’s take on flash fiction.  Each week, I will craft another 100-word chapter for Helen’s story.  Want to join us?  It’ll take less than a minute of your time. 


Helen’s visits with Richard impeded the growth of her true talent—her voice.  She’d skip entire rehearsals with her choir ensemble to see him.  She thought about quitting music entirely, but one particular Thursday, as she sang to herself walking out of Richard’s office, he took notice of her voice.  “Why Helen, that is remarkable.  You sing—you sing beautifully.” 

The praise she had dreamt of fell right into her lap.  “Well, Richard,” she smiled a bold grin. “I’m performing Saturday at a choir exhibition, and I do hope you come.”  She ran off, giddy, before he could answer her.

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