Helen: Chapter Eight

I’ve been really jonesing to write some more fiction, but I am also knee-deep in a novel revise and rewrite, so I’ve made a compromise with myself: Allie’s take on flash fiction.  Each week, I will craft another 100-word chapter for Helen’s story.  Want to join us?  It’ll take less than a minute of your time. 


Helen’s entire life revolved around those Thursdays with Richard.  He thought it a bit odd that Helen, who possessed polite grammar and a well-rounded vocabulary, was spending so much time receiving help in his office.  She was bright girl—awkward, but kind, and doing quite well in his class, but he was also aware that she didn’t really have anything to light the way behind her words—she possessed no prodding muse, no soulful connection to God.  He was never sure how to tell Helen she simply lacked talent for this endeavor—lucky for him, he’d never have to.  

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