What Do I Give My Glittery Rainbow Unicorn?


Glittery Rainbow Unicorn (n):

Glitter is a food group for this mystical creature, and she’ll lend you some faster than you can say ROY G BIV, because she never leaves home without a roller or two.  Her heart is pure gold (just like the dusting on her eyelids), and you can always count on her to brighten up your day (both literally and figuratively).

My gift guide vibe: The intention here is to curate a couple of cool-ass items for all the weird and wonderful people in your life. Trust, I can be all of these people at some point in my day, so we do not have to attend to any of these labels of our friends with any attachment—they are transient, but helpful, in narrowing down what to gift all the beautiful beings in your life.  Enjoy, and as always, let me know in the comments below if you have any other ideas!


1. Glamglow #Glittermask Gravitymud Firming Treatment ($69.00)-I almost died when I saw this.  Glamglow is #goals in masks, and this one has FREAKING GLITTER.  So you can look like a unicorn from outer space while you chill out with your friends at your skincare sleepover party.  Never had one? Well, it is high time you did.

2. Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick-Unicorn Tears ($21.00)-Precisely the iridescent glitter tears a unicorn would cry, if he were crying tears of sheer joy, of course.  Too Faced knows how to do a trend.

3. Unicorn Makeup Brushes Set—10 Pieces with Carrying Case ($13.99)—I’m sorry.  The handles look like a gorgeous twisted horn, and the bristles are pastel and multicolor and one hundred types of bomb.com. Perfect for your make-up loving unicorn (hey—putting on glitter takes a lot of different types of brushes)  

4. Lisa Frank Stickers ($9.89)—Such a worthwhile throwback.  Get her a pack of the stickers and call it a day, or use them to customize something  for her.  Either way, she’ll be in love.

5.  Mr. Kate Beautymarks ($14.00)—I can personally attest to the awesomeness of these temporary tattoos, or what Mr. Kate calls “The New Makeup.” Specifically the confetti.  These are so beautiful, high-quality, and your biff who is full of rainbows and glitter will love wearing them for any special occasion (say, a Tuesday afternoon, for example). They come in a variety of prints.  I love the confetti, but have also purchased a watercolor set—and she’s got gold and colored freckles, too, in case you are like me and have dreamt of having freckles (just me?).

6.  Unicorn Oil by Soul Sunday ($18.00)-Originally acquired from the Goddess Provisions box, this essential oil blend is “magically harmonizing, sweet lavender and cool peppermint make your head feel really good.” It is super refreshing, and the perfect size for your rainbow princess who is always on-the-go.

7.  Ofra Cosmetics Rodeo Drive Highlighter ($29.00)—There are so many unicorn-themed highlighters out there, but in my opinion, this guy is just the best.  Themeless.  Unless the theme is “blinging out so your alien breathren can beam you back up.” In that case, go stand on Rodeo Drive with this highlight on, and your spaceship will come for you. So blendable, so beautiful—this is my favorite highlight in a collection of about 35 highlighters, and it will be your glittery gal pal’s favorite, too.

8. BioBelle Unicorn Face Mask ($5.99)—You already know how I feel about sheet masks.  Add a unicorn theme and cool design when you put it on, and now they are a perfect stocking stuffer for yet another bestie.  Done.