What I Loved Last Weekend 11.6.17


What better way to start off Monday than with a reflection of the stuff you loved over the weekend?  Each week, check in for a list of weird and wonderful things that I watched/read/did/ate. Please leave suggestions for next weekend in the comments below!

Set the Scene: The vibes last weekend were fall to the maximum.  Notre Dame football game, Halloween party, and easy Sunday mornings spent enjoying an extra hour in bed.


1. Dinosaur Onesie:  Randy and I had to expediently decide what our costume was going to be for a Halloween party this year.  By the grace of God, I had convinced him to participate in a couple’s costume with me.  Now, we went through the basic lists curated by Pinterest and Popsugar, and none of these resonated with dear husband.  I started to suggest concepts that might be of interest to him (We all know I am a fan of the “concept” costume).  In my exasperation, I suggested “dinosaur and asteroid.”  Which, of course, was the choice du jour.  I had no desire to do “sexy dinosaur,” though I fault not a single person who does (I had my share of scant clothing for the Kesha concert a few days prior, and just wanted to be warm), so I searched Amazon and came up with this gem of a dinosaur onesie.  The reviews are incredibly accurate. This onesie is reasonably-priced, well-made, and one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn.  In fact, as I was writing about it, I had the urge to pop it back on, which means I will be wearing this throughout the fall and winter as lounge wear.  Best outfit ever (I got a small and it is still very, very roomy).  Comes in pink, too.  

2. The OA:  This show has been out for awhile now, and I’m sure there are people who can summarize and describe it better than me.  I am just going to echo what I’ve heard others say in regards to how inspired it seems.  It is fascinating television, and it manages to take a lot of metaphysical information I’ve been studying and put it into a mainstream TV show.  Super cool! Randy and I are close to the end, and we are very invested to see what happens.  It's been confirmed for a Season Two as well.

3. Painting:  I love being a creative for my full-time job, but I’ve found it equally important to find an aspect of creation that I do purely for fun.  Enter my new obsession with painting.  I am no classically trained artist.  I think the last art class I took was actually in seventh grade, possibly.  I had long been avoiding art, due to the beliefs I had that it was “not for intelligent people” or “not rigorous enough.”  Trust me, I just cringed writing that.  Somewhere along the line I picked up the idea that Allie is not an artist, she cannot draw realistic figures, and therefore art is not a meaningful pursuit.  Well, I was wrong.  I have found a lot of creative comfort in painting, and I’ve toyed with the idea of taking an art class now, though I quite love the acts of exploration that accompany being completely untrained.  I highly recommend you find a right-brained activity to participate in that allows you to create something entirely for the sake of making, not for any monetary gain.  It’s a profound experience.

4. GT's Living in Gratitude Kombucha: YASSSS TURMERIC COME THROUGH SPICES I’M LIVING FOR THAT APPLE GOODNESS.  Ahem.  Sprouts had a 72-hour sale this weekend ($1.88 GT’s Kombucha and $.99 RX Bars…what?), and I had to grab the limited edition Living in Gratitude bottle. I’ve never tried Tantric Turmeric, but now feel like I might have to, because I love a good golden milk or turmeric latte, but I had never thought of turmeric+kombucha.  And I should have…oh, I should have.  This bottle of booch is going to rival my love affair with Sprouts Pumpkin Spice.  

5. SNL Skit About Alien Abduction:  I had never seen these skits before, but holy hell, are they hilarious.  Kate McKinnon has an altogether different experience with her alien captors than the other two individuals being interviewed.  That’s all I’m going to say.  Watch them, and then tell me you didn’t chuckle at least once or twice.

6. Cinnamon Supplements:  I made it through my first bottle, so I feel like I can make some sweeping testimonials about my supplement experience.  I’ve really been upping the game on vitamins, minerals, supplements, and the like, so please let me know if you’d like me to go more in-depth on any of these/what I’ve been taking daily.

Purported Benefits of Cinnamon Capsules: decreased risk of cancer, antibacterial/antifungal, stabilizes blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, metabolic booster

What I’ve seen:  I’ve made it through a particularly candy-filled Halloween season with nary an ounce of weight gain.  Now, is this the cinnamon, or is it my new workout routine, or what?  I really do believe that the cinnamon has helped my body faster metabolize carbohydrates and has stabilized my blood sugar.  I will continue to take my cinnamon and report back after Thanksgiving and after Christmas.   These are the supplements I just finished, but I'm thinking about switching to this brand.

7. Decomposition Notebooks:  These sassy notebooks have the best designs, are made of 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper, and are printed with soy ink.  I’m on my second and third notebook now (gratitude journal and morning pages journal respectively) and I just love them.  They feel good to buy and they are so fun to look at!  A couple of my favorite prints are:
    1. Cats in Space -current Morning Pages Journal
    2. Greco-Roman- current Gratitude Journal
    3. Celestial Print- first-ever gratitude journal, May Cause Miracles Journal
    4. Hieroglyphics
    5. Flying Sharks