What I Loved Last Weekend 10.30.17

What better way to start off Monday than with a reflection of the stuff you loved over the weekend?  Each week, check in for a list of weird and wonderful things that I watched/read/did/ate. Please leave suggestions for next weekend in the comments below!

Set the Scene: The vibes last weekend were all about expanding the mind while remaining hygge at home.  I’ve been deep into outer space, contemplation, and cozy comfort foods, and you can see that reflected in the rundown.  Links to the movies/books in the image!


1.  The Arrival: This movie made me cry the happiest of tears.  I can’t begin to tell you how profound I felt it was, given all of my interest in other dimensions as of late. Please, do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven’t already.  I realize that I am very late to the bandwagon on this (hopefully you weren’t expecting too many cutting-edge media reviews from me.  I take things at my own pace, time is an illusion, etc.).  Amy Adams is phenomenal.  The messaging is phenomenal.  Watch it, then let me know you watched it, so then we can talk about it.

2. Bob’s Burgers, Season Eight, Episode 3: I live for the Halloween episodes of Bob’s Burgers.  Well, I live for all the episodes, but I get especially excited when there can be an intersection of my second favorite show (1. Golden Girls) and my second favorite holiday (1. Christmas).  Oh my god, what if there was a Golden Girls Christmas special? Was there? Is there? I’ve only made it through three seasons.  I digress.  My favorite part of the episode may have been Tina’s costume—a Mombie, aka a Mom Zombie.  I am filing that one away under “potential costumes for Allie in case her husband bails on the couple’s costume). 

3. Scientific American-Wonders of the Cosmos: I felt a strong calling to buy this limited edition SA when I was purchasing the entire stock of pumpkin spice kombucha from Sprouts (check my fridge—not an exaggeration).  I’ve been tackling it for over a week, as I am, as they reference so often in academia, “an armchair infant physicist” and therefore need to read everything five times to understand it.  But once I understand it?  DAMN. BOOM. Blown-up mind.   The intersection between quantum physics, theoretical physics, and the spiritual teachings I observe is wild.  Science and spirituality rock and roll so well together, guys.  And if spirit doesn’t float your boat, you can just go straight science in this mag and learn all about how we might live in a black hole stemming from a fourth dimension (?!?!!) or peruse the multiverse theory.  Or learn about how black holes eat.  Or just look at the pretty pics of the crab nebula.

4. Proust and the Squid: I had the honor of listening to Maryanne Wolf speak at the Denver Academy symposium a few years back, and I’m so glad I’m digging into her book now.  I’m finding it a nice complement to Sapiens (re: the development of written language), and Maryanne’s writing is just as engaging as her speaking.  Check out this book if you've ever wondered what it took for humans to develop a reading brain, and then what it means when it isn't functioning as expected (i.e. dyslexia).

5. Mindful Living, Spiritual Awakening: I love this pod so much.  I started from the beginning, and I’ve finally made it to the “Lives Between Lives” episodes.  I do recommend starting at the beginning with this one.  Marijo is such a fantastically thorough pod host, and she combines so much research, insight, and love into each episode that you really get a full understanding of the concept being addressed. 

6. Dr. Teal’s : Epsom salts are turning into my jam, guys.  Especially this particular scent combo.  Pour them into your bath, dump in some bubbles, and do a meditation.  I suggest this one.  You are welcome.  #rejuvenated

7. Mr. Kate Beauty Marks: I haven’t worn them yet, but when they came over the weekend, they were exactly what I had hoped for.  So excited to try them out!   Essentially, Mr. Kate’s beauty marks are temporary tattoo makeup.  These are going to be a critical piece of my ensemble for the Kesha concert mañana.  I’ll be sure to post pictorals, and let you know how they held up.

8. Panino Guisto: Randy and I ended up having sammies at this little shop in Main St. Cupertino.  It felt very Italian….because it is. 

.  The first American outpost of the Italian panino chain.  If you are in the South Bay area, try it out! Or, in Italy.  You know.