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February 2016 Boxycharm Review

Ya girl was real, real excited for this month’s box.  Quick one sentence update for new readers to the blog—Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box ($21.00/mo) that sends 5-6 full-sized beauty items each month.  In my experience, this box gives the most bang for your buck, and I’ve also discovered some pretty bomb products from my monthly deliveries. Okay, that was two sentences…I’m a liar.


Click through the above photos for a view of what we were working with this month!

This month’s theme was “Rush to Relax,” and we received:

Spongellé You Have My Heart on a String, body wash infused buffer-$15.00

I’m super-familiar with Spongellé thanks to my Popsugar subscription.  We received one of these buffer/sponge/soap things last year, and I loved it.  I was very excited to get another one, however, the scent on this one is a little grandma-floral.  I can appreciate musky floral, and I dig a lavender sleepy time smell, but I cannot do a one note rose scent.  Just my personal preference. The first time I wore Chloé Love Story, I cried halfway through the day because I smelled like I left my AARP card in my other fanny pack.  Nothing against these smells, but they just don’t react well with my body chemistry and my self-esteem. I’m hoping that I can tolerate the rose smell of the sponge, because I really do like the concept of these!

Beauty For Real Blush+Glow Stick, Coral Crush and Hi Beam, 2-in-1 blush and highlighter-$24.00

Fact: I’m not the biggest fan of cream blush.  Fact: I’m not the biggest fan of things in chubby stick format. As a result, I’m not super stoked on this product.  I think the blush might be dark enough to do a light contour with (has anyone seen this new blush-contour phenomenon? I’m intrigued…), but I know for a fact the highlight is going to be too dark to actually highlight with on the reg.  Maybe in the summer?  Or as an eyeshadow base?  I can be pretty damn innovative, so we’ll see.

Shray Ms. Amazing Facial Mask-$12.00

I love sheet masks.  My favorite trick is to pop it in the fridge for a couple hours, then put one on.  I might be wearing an icy-cold Aloe and Green Tea sheet mask right now.  I say this because I am very excited to try another new brand of mask!

Ofra Banana Powder Godet-$12.00

So many mixed feelings on this one.  I’m having a moment with yellow powder to brighten and set the concealer under my eyes, so this is perfect.  However, this came as just a pan product. Aka no container.  I’m a makeup junkie, but I don’t have open palettes just laying around willy nilly.  So…what the what am I supposed to do with this? Buy a palette to put it in? Ugh.

Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum-$58.00

I’m never going to have under eye wrinkles, thanks to my subscription boxes. I’m locked down with eye cream.  Locked. Down.  I’ve gotta say, since I’ve started religiously using my eye creams, I have seen a dramatic difference.  I was starting to see those #28feelinggreat crow’s feet forming, but that is no longer the case.  This cream is hella expensive, so I am down to try this bad boy. (Obviously, price is the sole factor I use to determine if a product is worthy of my love….I kid, I kid).

Realtree for Her-$12.99

WHY IS THIS IN A PINK CAMOUFLAGE SPRAY BOTTLE?!  I’m having so many problems with this packaging.  Who needs pink camouflage, first of all?  I totally understand the need for hunters to have normal-colored camo. I’m from Indiana. I get it.  My problem is with pink camouflage. Are you hunting in Candyland?  Are you trying to blend into the Cotton Candy Forest? No, you are not.  You do not need pink camo.  So why the eff someone has decided that pink camouflage is cool to package perfume in is out of my realm of understanding. With all that being said, I like the smell.  It’s described as being “pomegranate, persimmon, and orchid.”  I describe it as sweet and fruity.  Same diff.

Verdict: Not my favorite Boxy, to be completely frank.  But, I won’t complain. I’m still excited to give all the products a go.  I love the smell of the perfume, yellow powders are very important to me, and I can appreciate a sheet mask.  But, for some reason, something just seemed a little off about this curation.