Silicon Valley Wife…is Mindful

“it’ll get easier every time.”

Yosemite Sunset, 2015

Yosemite Sunset, 2015



I heard my boxing instructor utter these words today, and while they are nothing new in terms of motivational mantras, that’s exactly what I needed to center myself.  

This has been one of the hardest years of my life, for a variety of reasons.  I’ve come up against a lot of previously “unhurdled” obstacles, and I’ve really had no guidebook with which to unpack them.  

It’s completely possible to become overwhelmed in these moments.  To throw in the towel.  To sit down and refuse to get back up.  I’ve done that more than I care to admit (and may still be doing it in some aspects).  

But just know: It will get easier.  Whether your hurdle is a physical one (like today at the gym), a familial trouble, a mental block….each time you pick yourself and work through it, you’ve made it a little easier to jump over it the next time.  Remember: just like hurdles, the problems don’t disappear once you’ve jumped them.  There will be a next time.  But when that next time comes, you’ll be a little stronger.