Welcome to my New Digs!

Hey all, 

Welcome to my new space!  For years, I've tried to find good ways to express my creative self, typically to no avail  (Let's be honest, it is easy to give up on these types of things).  Now that I live in the actual hotbed of innovation, the home of startups and magnates and VC and technological sorcery, I've decided that I've run out of excuses.  

A wise woman once told me (Silicon Valley Husband's late grandmother):

"I know there is a lot of pressure out there for you to make something of yourself. I don't care what you do.  You could work for the rest of your life selling MAC lipsticks at a department store, and I'd be proud of you. As long as you are happy."

Well, here we are.  Let's find our happiness, and wear some kickass red lippy whilst doing so!




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