Helen: Chapter Six

I’ve been really jonesing to write some more fiction, but I am also knee-deep in a novel revise and rewrite, so I’ve made a compromise with myself: Allie’s take on flash fiction.  Each week, I will craft another 100-word chapter for Helen’s story.  Want to join us?  It’ll take less than a minute of your time. 


      “Richard, it’s a pleasure seeing you again.”

      “Helen, don’t lie.”

      “Well, not a pleasure, but certainly surprising.” 

      “That’s closer to the truth, isn’t it?  What projects are you tackling now?” 

      “I’m...well...I’m the administrative assistant to the general counsel at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.” 

     “That’s a mouthful.  Administrative what? Helen, you have to be fucking kidding. You’re a secretary?”

     “They don’t call us that any more.  I play a critical role in the organization.” 

     “You fill the damned coffee pot, you mean. Shit, Helen, after all that happened, I thought you’d be doing...more.” 

     So did Helen.   

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