The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair 2018: New Aquistions

It was like being a kid in a candy shop.  Well, let’s back up.  It was like being myself in a candy shop, because I also cannot control my childlike impulses around sweets (take me to Lolli and Pops, and see what I mean). What I’m talking about, of course, is the The Great San Francisco Crystal Fair at Fort Mason, which I had the privilege to visit this Sunday.  The $12 admission fee gave SF crystal lovers unlimited access to, by my estimation, the largest variance of crystals, rocks, minerals, and general gemstones the Bay Area has seen in a long while (if I’m wrong—please let me know).  It was Woodstock for Rocks.  I tried to restrain myself, primarily by enforcing a “cash budget” for the day, one that I disregarded the second I found a shop that accepted Square. I really enjoyed the vast variety of booths—some vendors were very knowledgeable and personable, and had no problem regaling patrons with the legends and science surrounding the stones they were selecting.  Others were quieter, allowing the shopper to vet their purchases based on intuitive hits alone.  I found this to be an optimal mix.  There weren’t just raw stones, either—in fact, multiple vendors were selling crystal jewelry, and there were crystal candles and crystal essence sprays for purchase as well.  It was magnificent.

That’s surely enough recap.  Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts—what crystal babies did Allie add to her collection, and why?  Keep reading to find out.  NB: If there is an online shop/if I remember the price, I’ll link those down below, as well as any relevant articles/details about the crystal properties.  If I don’t have the exact link, I’ll give you a shop similar option.  


Labradorite ($9.00):  This guy is fly.  According to legend, a bit of the aurora borealis was trapped in a rock, and labradorite was born.  The little paper I was given with my purchase (helpful—that way, you don’t have to take pictures of the signs/memorize every property) indicates that this is “the stone of Transformation and Magic.”  I believe this.  I also enjoy that it is meant to “develop enthusiasm.” I have a well-developed joy for life, so I cannot wait to see how this crystal further aids my enthusiastic endeavors.  I have no link for this guy, but Energy Muse sells labradorite, including these gigantic plates, which are incredibly appealing. 

Malachite ($6.00): This green goddess was the standout piece of the expo for me.  I wanted every bit of it I came across, including the $680.00 statement hunk I found.  I settled for this little cube, which I intend to wrap with wire and wear as a pendant.  I had no knowledge of the properties of malachite prior to the show, but after researching, I’ve found she’s meant to be a stone of focused concentration and wisdom (Egyptian pharaohs wore malachite in their headdresses for this purpose).  I love those things. The vendor I purchased this stone from (and many others) has a website, but no products are listed there yet.  I’ll link you to some malachite here

Aragonite(4/$10.00 deal): These babies have a story.  I had never heard of aragonite before, and they seemed to be on SUPER sale at the expo.  I was very surprised, as I assumed based on their looks alone that they would maybe be $10.00 each.  I purchased them purely because they presented like tiny little sea creatures, and laughingly said to my compatriot, “Crystals can’t give bad energy, right? So these are fine, whatever they are good for.”

Fast forward to me, being at home with Rand man.  He takes a liking to these crystals, and he lays them all over his chest.  An hour later, he and I fall into the argument of 2018.  It wasn’t heated, but there was a lot of grievance being aired, and unresolved issues being brought up, all at once.  A voice in my head whispered—“check out the aragonite.”  I looked it up, and lo’ and behold, an article from Energy Muse hailed aragonite as the “...powerhouse mineral; one that gets to the root of the situation.  If you have an issue you’re sweeping under the rug, it’s going to bring it up so fast the rug just disappears.  It brings up fear, anger, unresolved emotions and every other cobweb within your mind and body that you would prefer to deal with at a later time.”  HOLY SHIT.  Yep, that’s what happened.  So, it was intense, but the clearing was swift and immediate.  There was no hiding.

All this is to say, I was going to gift some of these aragonite clusters, but now I realize that these aren’t your run-of-the-mill rose quartz “I love you” vibrations.  With great energy clearing comes great responsibility.

(Check out the rest of the Energy Muse article here.  Interested in aragonite? Buy a piece here.)

Tanzan Aura ($8.00): This was just pretty and shiny, ya’ll that’s all there is to it. Man-manipulated quartz (superheated and then infused with gold and indium), the properties mimic Tanzanite and are supposed to help on link with psychic ability and Christ-consciousness. 

Rhodonite($8.00):  A beautiful stone, meant to symbolize, friendship, forgiveness, kindness, and self-love.  I would love my kitchen counters to be made of rhodonite, please.  

Apache Tears ($3.00?): This was an impulse purchase.  I heard about these on a podcast, but had no recollection why I may want such a thing, named after someone being sad.  Some inconclusive research, coupled with my intuition, has determined this stone is a negative emotion sponge—it seems like a great place to visualize your grief and anger traveling to during a cleansing meditation.

Serpentine ($6.00?): Obsessed with the color, honestly. Lime green? Yes, please.  I cannot speak to any of its properties yet, but the sign in the bin insinuated this would be very helpful for meditation and crown chakra endeavors.  I’ll keep you abreast of the situation, my loves. Etsy has a great deal on tumbled pieces, much like what I bought.


Shungite Sticker ($6.00), Shungite Bracelet ($12.00):  I’m a conspiracy theorist about EMF now.  I’m so worried about wi-fi and cell reception and everything else coursing through my body wirelessly—the stuff we really have no clue about, as it was just invented within...well, my lifetime, at least.  Shungite, mined in Russia, is supposed to help combat all breeds of negativity, and restore balance to your system, thanks to the fullerenes found within the mineral—a carbon molecule with wild free-radical battling properties.  The sticker was for my phone, but it bugged my husband so much, that I just stuck it on my nightstand instead. Buy your own shungite bracelet here

Lapis Lazuli Bracelet($30.00): This is probably my favorite piece of the day.  It’s official name is the “speak your truth reiki blessed energy bracelet,” and it opens up your throat chakra, stimulates your intuition, and is a great harmonizer.  Lapis is said to create a bridge between the physical and the spiritual realm, and help you further connect to your soul purpose. Energy Muse (my crystal bible, clearly) has a great article about lapis here, and you can purchase a variety of beautiful pieces from this seller here

Chalcedony & Agate Obelisk ($10.00):  In a strange turn of events, I found my statement piece crystal at Ross on accident last night, after the expo, for $10.00.  Heck, yes.  Chalcedony is the stone of communication (related to blue lace agate), and I’m positively obsessed with this beautiful creature, who is going to live on our console table next to the Home Pod.  I couldn’t find many other versions of this obelisk online (#unique) but this one is similar, though not $10.00.  Ross=mega deal. 

Wow. I’m exhausted. That’s a lot of crystals.  Want more insight into my crystal collection? Want to know how I use them in my daily life, what insights & blessings they’ve aided in, and why I love them?  Leave a comment down below & let me know!