Move Ya' Body, Girl! Top Five Workout-from-Home Videos

“If you have a strong workout-from-home ethic, your life is going places.”
    -Allie Becker

There are just some times where we can’t/won’t/shouldn’t head to an actual gym or class to do some body movement.  Maybe, if you are 30-going-on-75 like myself, it is raining, and you like to stay inside when it is raining.  Or maybe, you’d rather get in some extra reps instead of driving yourself somewhere. Or maybe, you like to work out naked (I don’t judge).  

Whatever the reason, there are SO MANY awesome internet workout options, and thanks to a recent conversation with my little sister (shout out HILLARY!), I wanted to post some of my favorites, all in one place.  Click on their name for a link to their respective channels, and I’ll post one of my favorite videos from each below.

Happy Sweat Sesh! :)


Favorite Pre-Party Dance Cardio:  The Fitness Marshall

My dearest friends, you have not truly danced until you dance with Caleb Marshall.  Get your girlfriends together, let the videos play at random on Apple TV, and just shake that ass.  I promise, the hour will fly by, and so will your sweat as you pop star pose and twerk that booty.


Favorite Duo: Tone it Up!

These ladies are a recent addition to my workout regime.  I LOVE their energy, and I’m an especially big fan of their weekly live workouts they do on IG and then later post on youtube as well.  Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to sweat.  For an extra treat? Go find their playlist on Spotify, and jam out to their favorite music!


Favorite Pilates/Positivity Combo: Blogilates (Cassey Ho)

QUEEN CASSEY.  I discovered Blogilates when I was staying at the Morris Inn at Notre Dame last October, and I couldn’t jump up and down like a buffoon while I was working out, which is my preferred mode of exercising.  Enter Cassey.  Her unique exercises and positive attitude are a great way to start your day.  Also, I can personally testify to the booty lifting power and core strength building of her pilates moves.


Favorite Mash Up/Boredom Buster: PopSugar Fitness (Anna Renderer)

Want to do yoga? Go on the Popsugar app.  Want an Equinox class at home? Go to the Popsugar app.  What to do country line dancing? Go to the Popsugar app (no kidding).  I use This app to switch things up when I’m getting bored, or if I need something a little more HIIT-y.  I like the longer workouts (45 m), and I especially appreciate how wonderful Anna is as a host/instructor.  She is genuinely a good person, and it feels good working out with her!


Favorite Sat Nam: RAMA TV

I love Kundalini, I just don’t have a home base studio yet.  Whether you want to get some words of wisdom or do some practice, check out Guru Jagat’s Venice studio, right on Youtube.

Did I miss someone you really love? Tell me in the comments, and I’ll try them out!