Soul-Singing Sundays

Happy Sunday, gorgeous lovers!  Does anyone remember that SNL skit with Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch where they are so uncomfortably amorous and refer to each other as “lover” all the time?  Well, I just did that to you, so feel free to squirm in your seat for a minute.  Anyways, I thought I’d pose a question for Sunday reflection to you today:

What lights you up inside?  What makes your heart soar, your nose crinkle in delight, your soul sing in soprano?

I’m in the midst of doing this really cool program with a really cool lady (ambiguous, non?  I’ll tell you more about it later, promise), and one of the exercises asked us to deep dive and make a list of things that we loved to do, purely for our own enjoyment.  I was so moved by making my list, that I urge you lovers to do the same thing (I did it again….this time, I also wiggled my eyebrows salaciously. You are welcome).

Sample Soul-Singing List

1. Putting together bomb@$$ outfits and makeup looks on fleek.

2. Reading all the books, writing about my reading, writing about other stuff, writing my own books.

3. Trying out new group fitness classes, as well as being consistent with my current gym routine.

4. Making spaces pretty, and looking at other pretty spaces.

5. Trying new foods in new places with new vibes.

6. Sitting on the couch with my calico, not doing anything except petting her (and maybe drinking a kombucha).

7.  Thrill-seeking.  This is a new one.  My courage is finding its footing, and I love pushing the limits on what I thought I was capable of doing before (whether that be water sports, theatre, or a particularly tricky dessert recipe).  I think I’m turning into an adrenaline junkie, alongside already being a spirit junkie.

8. Laughing. A lot.  

9. Learning new stuff.  Sometimes, I wish I could do college over, just so I could really appreciate all the profound lectures and deep knowledge that surrounded me constantly.

10. Coming up with new ideas.  Weird stuff.  I’m starting to think the more I work on what makes me tick, the more I think it comes down to a strange, creative, entrepreneurial fairy spirit who lives somewhere in my brain.  Every once and a while, she stops by and visits.  She knocks on my little gray cells, and then sprinkles some glittery dust on top.  Voila! Weird and creative idea.  I love this.

Apparently, the samples from a list became an actual list.  Some of those are new, and will need to be added to my paper version.  I challenge you to sit down today and make your own “Soul- Singing List.  I like the idea of trying to do one thing from this list every day, and showing gratitude for the joy it brings you.  Case in point?  Today, I did number three and number two (ewwww…haha.  eight-year old humor, anyone?).  Might throw in a little more of eight.  

Add to the list.  Let it grow with you. It is more important than your to-do list.  I don’t mean that to say you should throw out your planner and toss your reminders in the garbage.  What I do mean, is that, ultimately, this is this list that will help you move through your to-do list with more joy in your heart and purpose in your life.