Gratitude 101: Basic Tools to Cultivate a Kickass Practice

Before we get started on our month-long journey to become more grateful humans, I am going to humbly ask you to add a few things to your gratitude toolkit.  Some of these items are physical, some are mindset-based, but all of them are going to help you in your journey towards feeling truly grateful, and in turn, truly and magnificently happy.

The Kickass Attitude of Gratitude Toolkit

 1. A gratitude journal: Okay, I’m going to give you permission to roll your eyes at me, just once.  Give it a good, hard one.  All done? Good.  Now please, please hear me out.  Every good gratitude practice really does start with a gratitude journal. I started my gratitude journal in my May Cause Miracles journal, but eventually filled that up, and then just bought a journal exclusively for my morning and nightly gratitudes.  Grab thee a notebook (doesn’t have to be fancy, but that sometimes helps), and label her as your gratitude journal.

2. Five minutes in the morning & five minutes at night: I know it can seem hard, but I promise if you carve out a little bit of time right when you wake up, and then again right before you go to sleep to contain your gratitude practice, you will feel so very good.  Imagine that you are writing a thank you card to your day, every day.  

3. A box of thank you cards: These will come in handy when we need to show gratitude towardsothers in our lives.

4. A gratitude stone: Am I losing you here? I hope not. I am asking you to pick out a rock, just like Rhonda Byrne asked me to pick out a rock in The Magic.  If at all possible, Rose Quartz would be the optimal type of gratitude rock, as it is a crystal that fosters the frequencies of love, joy, and gratitude.  But really, any rock will do.

5. A partner in gratitude:  If you are married, a spouse would be perfect. Boyfriends, girlfriends, brothers, sisters, friends…anyone who you can share your walk in gratitude with earnestly.  Make sure it is someone you feel comfortable sharing personal stuff with, and you will be golden.

That’s all we need, loves! Gather those materials, and next Sunday, I’ll be introducing some different ways to honor your “small miracle moments.”  This is when you’ll need that journal and your rock.