Gratitude 101: Small Miracle Moments of Gratitude

“A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.”

The most earth-shattering thing I did on my road to mindset shifting was also the easiest. Honestly, I wish I could say I had to sit in the mountains for a week, or go on some Ayahuasca journey, or even enroll in some kind of workshop or class.  That way, it wouldn’t sting so badly when I think back to the times I didn’t partake in this practice. But, my friends, this was not the case.  I didn’t need mind-altering drugs or a solo trip to a yurt in a remote mountain range.  I didn’t need $6,000 dollars to enroll in self-development workshops (Please note, I think all of these methodologies have their place.  Except the drugs part. But, that’s my personal preference. I digress.)

All I really needed was a notebook, a rock, and an an open heart.  That way, I could begin to collect my miracle moments of the day—all the things I was really grateful for; all of the things that made me happy, glad, and giddy.  All of the things that made me smile.

If you think back to last week’s post, Gratitude 101, I asked you to please suspend judgement on journaling.  Today, I’m going to ask you that same favor, because I’m going to ask you to grab a kickass notebook (I’ll link some cute ones from Amazon below, but you can also grab some dope stationary at Homegoods, if you’ve got one nearby.  Or Paper Source.  Or…if you aren’t into the fancy shiz, you can DIY yourself a gratitude journal out of construction paper…or printer paper..or even some damn Subway napkins.  I don’t care where you write your gratitudes down, and neither does the Universe.  Just find a place).


Weird stuff, like being happy to have a snack to replace your "curdled yogurt," is totally, 100% GJ worthy.

Weird stuff, like being happy to have a snack to replace your "curdled yogurt," is totally, 100% GJ worthy.

Miracle Moment Appreciation (MMA…not to be confused with Mixed Martial Arts):

 1. Gratitude Journal:  Challenge yourself to write down ten things you are grateful for each day.  You can chunk it out (I prefer to write five before my morning meditation and five before I go to sleep), or you can write all ten at once.  Or maybe, it fits your jam to write them down as they are happening.  Pick your poison.  Commit to doing this for at least seven days.  I know it seems like I’m asking a lot, but writing the things that you are grateful for on paper solidifies their importance in your day.  It also allows you the opportunity to return to your list in those moments where you are feeling more low-vibe.  It is important to note that these by no means have to be earth-shattering things you are grateful for.  I’ll share a random excerpt from my gratitude journal below:
I’m so glad to be 2017 cleaning, because I’m getting rid of all that doesn’t serve me.
I’m so grateful to be married to my soul’s mate. It is amazing.
I’m so glad to have friends like Dan, Savanna, and Laura, because they were (and are) so fun!
I’m so happy Randy and I are going to do an outdoor activity today. It’s going to be fun.
I’m so blessed to have a job that provides me income.
I’m so glad Rand and I went on a couple’s walk, because it was good bonding and exercise.
I’m so happy that Bob’s Burgers was so funny—it made me smile!
I’m so grateful that I have such awesome outfits to pick from in Vegas—I’m blessed!
I’m glad my husband is so nice—he fills my heart with joy.
I’m grateful Randy I and I have compatible (weird) senses of humor—we think the same things are hilarious.

This is what life is made of, my loves.  These little moments.  I promise you, if you write them down, every single day, what you see, you will receive more of in turn.  You will become a miracle magnet, and that makes it easier to work through the challenges (which we will practice being grateful for next week) that invariably crop up in our lives.   The format follows what Rhonda talks about in The Magic (if you haven’t bought this yet, I still highly recommend grabbing it.  I got it from the library, then needed to purchase a copy).

Start with an “I’m happy for, I’m grateful for, I’m blessed because,” and then end with the “because.”  Really reflect on your gratitude.  Why is this thing making your present life more fulfilled?  This is an important part of the practice, and also the part where I tend to slack, so let’s all commit to giving full gratitudes in our journal this week!

2. Evening practice:  Another Rhonda-adapted practice, y’all.  This is why you need your rock/crystal.  It is your gratitude totem—an item to hold onto that physically grounds you into the feeling of gratitude.   Each night this week, practice recalling (with a friend, a spouse, a family member—or by yourself, if that’s your preference) the three things you were most grateful for throughout the day.  Then, if you are feeling #extra, you can end with a “most of all” statement.  What made your day, “most of all?”  It doesn’t always have to be a unicorn moment, either.  Sure, we might have a “Most of all, I’m grateful that I made an extra $5,000 dollars,” day.  In which case, ZAMN GIRL, I’M PROUD OF YOU! But equally as impressive is a “most of all” that includes learning from your challenge of the day.  “Most of all, I’m grateful that I was stuck in that traffic jam.  I got to listen to three mind-expanding podcasts, and I learned I need to slow down a little bit.” BOOM. That rocks, too.  Think of your “most of all” as your theme of the day.  Where did you earn a level-up?  What new bit of wisdom did you add to your arsenal?  That’s your most of all.

See?  With basically a rock, a pencil, and a couple of sheets of paper, we can begin the massive overhaul of our mindsets.  I promise that this practice is worth it.  I challenge you, for the next seven days, to craft a way to praise and honor your daily miracle moments.  Why?  Because that’s all our lives really are…a series of small, beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, but always inspiring, moments--forever in the Now.  Honor them. Love them.  Be grateful for them.


Allie Becker

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