Developing a Practice of Gratitude…Because in My World, Thanksgiving Is Every Damn Day

Being grateful can be hard.  Imagine those days (we’ve all had “those days”) where someone dents your car, you drop the dozen eggs on the floor at Target, your cat gets sick, your best friend yells at you, and you get a giant zit on your chin.  Those days.  The days where you start to question whether or not the world is conspiring against you.

In those days, at those times—the only way out is gratitude.   I’m not sure where I read it, but one of the most important phrases I’ve ever come across was the simple, but powerful, “it is impossible to be pissed off and grateful at the same time.”

This, my dears, is so true.  And that is why, for the next four weeks of I Intend…Happiness, we are going to focus solely on the cultivation of gratitude in our lives.  By the end of the four weeks, I want us to be able to understand what it means to live our lives in accordance with gratitude, and I am hoping our attitude of gratitude can create positive shifts not only in ourselves, but in those around us as well.

When we finish this month of work, you’ll be able to look back on even the biggest of challenges, and maintain a genuine feeling of gratitude for those life situations.  Of course, we will also be looking at being grateful for the miracle moments in our lives, too—but I anticipate feeling “gratitude for all things” might be a bit more difficult than, say, being grateful for an opportunity to travel the world or meet a celebrity.

Below, you’ll find the next four topics we are going to cover in our road to creating our most magical, positive life possible. I hope to see you back next Sunday, because we will be building an arsenal of strategies and practices to ingrain the concept of gratitude into our day-to-day.

Attitude of Gratitude Lesson Schedule
Week One-Gratitude 101: Basic Tools to Cultivate a Kickass Practice

Week Two-Small Miracle Moments of Gratitude

Week Three-Gratitude for Life’s Challenges

Week Four-Manifestation through Gratitude

Recommended Reading:

The Magic, Rhonda Byrne- A lot of the pieces of my gratitude practice come from working through this amazing twenty-eight day program.  I highly recommend grabbing this book to supplement your work throughout this month.

I am so looking forward to working on our gratitude practice together, my positive people!

Keep smiling,