Week Four: Am I Letting This Moment Define Me?

“I’m so pissed! I’m so overwhelmed. I can’t do it.”-Actual, literal words/thoughts that came to define me on Friday.

Today, my darling positive people, we are going to dive a little deeper into the idea of letting our emotions and thoughts define who we are.

Let’s back it up a bit, to this Friday, during which I decided nothing seemed to be going the right way.  I wanted things to go right? They went left.  I needed to complete some important actions items on a tight deadline?  Nope, here’s a different thing you need to do immediately instead.  I needed a moment to catch my breath?  An urgently flagged email popped up, requiring a phone conference.  You get the idea.  At first, I was able keep the thoughts and emotions in check.  One of my favorite mantras is “challenge creates change,” and I kept repeating it over and over.  But even though I was saying it, I wasn’t actually feeling it—so by 11:00 or so that day?  I had lost my positive outlook completely.  Tears were shed.  Curse words uttered.  But worst of all?  I allowed myself to say the following: I am so overwhelmed.

There is an important distinction between feeling a fear-based emotion and allowing it to define you.  Those emotions are just there to tag the different parts of our day, and to give us an indication as to how our bodies and minds are responding to external stimuli.  They are not meant to define us, or to be how we identify ourselves.  The second we give fear the power of filling in an “I am” statement?  We are simply putting ourselves into a position to manifest more situations to match that current definition of ourselves.

These kinds of identifications of ourselves can lead us into what may feel like bad days, bad weeks, or bad years.

To get a little biblical on y’all—if you remember the name of God in Exodus— “I Am that I Am,”  then you remember the power that those words hold.  I was listening to a Wanderlust Speakeasy from 2012, during which Dr. Wayne Dyer gave some additional clarity around this pivotal moment in the Bible, and also reminded us that each and every one of us is God in this way.  I’m going to link it here, because I cannot do it justice like Dr. Dyer—he was one in a million (it is #14 on the podcast list--though all of them are worth a listen).

All of this is to say—you are the sole creator of your destiny, my love.  You cannot allow the moments in your life, be them good or bad, to create your definition.  You cannot give a circumstance the power.  We all have the ability to create our own perfect version of the life we want to lead, but in order to do so, it is pivotal to ask the question:

    Am I letting this moment define me?

It is hard to see the forest through the trees, sometimes.  It took me a better part of Friday to finally realize what the hell I had done.  I had managed to manifest a day where I was pretty pissed and overwhelmed the majority of the time.  My negative energy dragged me down to a place I didn’t want to dwell in anymore.  Once I allowed myself the chance to start over (after a brief meditation and wellness nap), those moments lost their power over me.  I began anew, with the thought, “I am in control.”

You are in control, too.  You are limitless.  You are powerful.  You are perfect.

This week, pay attention to how often you let your current circumstance or emotion define you.  Avoid wielding the mighty "I Am" statements in those low-frequencies.  This means no "I'm so stressed out," or no "I'm so stupid," or "I'm so fat" thoughts. Take your power back from your emotion, and use your "I Am" statements to sculpt the life you want to live!

Download this week's printable from @clemenscript here.

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Recommended Reading:

Dr. Wayne Dyer--Really, anything that Dr. Dyer wrote was pure gold.  I especially love his audio books, because he has a very soothing voice and is an excellent storyteller.  A lot of what he teaches has been the foundations for many of my other self-help heroes.  Grab a book by him--you will not regret it.