What I Loved Last Weekend Thanksgiving Edition

What better way to start off Monday than with a reflection of the stuff you loved over the weekend?  Each week, check in for a list of weird and wonderful things that I watched/read/did/ate. Please leave suggestions for next weekend in the comments below!

Set the Scene: The vibe last weekend was unabashed gobble ’til you wobble time.  So much stuffing.  Equal parts Christmas decorating, Black Friday shopping, and relaxation to supercharge for a bomb December.


1. Holiday-Flavored Kombucha: I FINALLY FOUND ONE. My sister and I have been on an epic quest to find the seasonal flavored kombuchas being released for the holiday season, with little  success being had, until I was meandering the aisles of Whole Foods yesterday and found the Health-Ade Holiday Cheers release, which promises “notes of ginger, cloves, allspice, and chocolate.”   I immediately opened it in the parking lot at WF and gave it a good chug-a-glug. It is very good.  The profile wasn’t quite as spicy as I had hoped, but it is still very delicious, and the bottle is extraordinarily festive, which makes me super smiley.

2. SNL on YouTube:  I missed a lot of SNL, guys.  First of all, I do not want stay up so late as to watch it these days. Thirty-year-olds in my household happily go to bed at 9:30 sharp each night.  Secondly, when I was staying up late enough to watch it, I was probably out making mischief on Saturday night, not watching television.  As a result, I’ve basically seen zero sketches.  This is why Rand man and I have been going through the wonderfully curated lists on SNL’s YouTube channel and watching a myriad of sketches about a variety of topics. Favorite so far? Whiskers ‘R We, hands-down.

3. Sweet Potato Casserole:  I cannot resist this food.  I think sweet potato casserole might be my spirit animal.  I am a sweet potato.  Clearly, I’ve been working through the leftovers from Thanksgiving. This recipe is my favorite for SPC (subtract the pecans—they don’t actually appear in my cookbook version), and I have taken to making it every other month and eating the whole thing.  My fiber and beta-carotene game is on FLEEK.

4. Five Wishes by Gay Hendricks: I flew through this book in one sitting over the weekend.  I love Gay Hendricks.  If you haven’t read The Big Leap, I suggest it as a life-changer of a read. He also has some really great stuff on Gaia TV.  Five Wishes is the retelling of the question that changed his life and made him the person he is today, “Would you, on your deathbed, say that your life has been a total success?”  If the answer is no (his answer was no, as is mine right now), “What would you have wished to do to make your life a total success?” I’ll stop there, and implore you to read the book.  

5. Christmas Decorations: I’m addicted.  I cannot help it.  The older I get, the jollier I become.  After a bit of a standoff with the cat regarding the decorations on the bottom half of the tree, the house is pretty much entirely Christmas-ready.  I’m especially loving the selection of decorations at Michael’s this year—they have a whole “boho Christmas” section that I am particularly fond of, though it doesn’t match my predominately red and white theme (which meant I bought some pieces and decorated my bathroom.  MY BATHROOM.  #christmascrazy). My favorite new addition are tiny sparkly succulents, which add just a bit of festive glamor to our kitchen table.

Short list this week, darlings!  Stay tuned for some gift guides in the upcoming week.  I love reading them, and so I am excited to try my hand and writing a few.  

Happy Holidays,