What I Loved Last Weekend 11.13.17

What better way to start off Monday than with a reflection of the stuff you loved over the weekend?  Each week, check in for a list of weird and wonderful things that I watched/read/did/ate. Please leave suggestions for next weekend in the comments below!

Set the Scene: This weekend’s vibes were horn-rimmed glasses intellectual time.  It was a weekend full of poetry (reading and writing), documentaries, and contemplative reflection.  Oh, and some Panda Express, too.  


I thought this collage could use some stickers.  So I added them.  Actual definition of thirty-going-on-thirteen.

1. Fogo de Chão: Is there a better place to celebrate…anything?  I think not.  Rand man and I went for, get this, 4:30 dinner reservations at Fogo on a Friday night.  4:30, guys.  Like, we were out of the restaurant at 6:15, which is probably the earliest people our age go to dinner on Friday nights.  I’m not going to pussyfoot around this…I love doing the senior special dining time.  My internal clock puts me in bed between 8:30-9:00, so this works. Also of note—if you Fogo, be sure to get triple servings of the Parmesan crusted pork, skip the chicken, and save room for the tres leches cake. #insidertips

2.  Pound Class: It’s a new obsession.  I recently jumped ship on my gym of nearly five years and moved to a new one (same franchise, different location+size), and they offer a Pound class, which to sum it up, is “like Zumba but with drumsticks, better music, and more lunges.”  I really, really, really, really love it.  Like, to the point where I am going to go to Utah in early 2018 to become an instructor myself.

3. Panda Express: Some nights, you just want to settle down in front of the TV while your husband goes out on the town and demolish a pile of fast food.  I have no shame in my embarking on this endeavor over the weekend.  Just in case you ever wondered what my go-to Panda order is…double orange chicken, white rice, two sweet-and-sour sauces, a box of fortune cookies, and a Diet Coke.  All at once.  Not joking.  Anyways, this was the sustenance for my illustrious two-movie marathon.  More on that later.

4. Girls Trip:  It’s later.  This was the first movie in my marathon, as I had heard every good thing about it.  Yep, everyone was right.  This is great.  I highly recommend it.

5. The Center Will Not Hold: Movie 2/2. Confession: I have never read any of Joan Didion’s work.  I intend to change this very soon.  That being said, I was still fasciated by this documentary, directed by her nephew.  I’m generally interested in the lives of creative folk and how they manage their time/personal lives/stuff floating inside of their brains, and Joan did not disappoint.  Though at times heartbreaking, I very much enjoyed this glimpse into the life of a master wordsmith.  I saw a lot of myself in Joan (introverted observer, quiet by choice), and I look forward to reading some of her work.

6. Self-Portrait as a Wikipedia Entry: I’ve been indulging my inner poet lately, as you can tell by the influx of poems posted on the blerrrg (blog). I started reading Dean Rader’s compilation of poetry when I checked it out from the library, then on my artist’s date to City Lights Booksellers, I found a copy in the poetry room, so I bought it.  I finished reading it on Sunday, and I must say…I love it.  I really love it. My favorite poem by far is “Still Life with Gratitude.” Please click that link and listen to it read aloud.  It’s beautiful (and the second poem read).   

7. 3 for 1 Canvas Deal at Michaels: I’ve upgraded to a canvas twice the size as my first pack…and it’s a whole different ballgame, y’all.  If I weren’t a renegade artist, I’d probably have already known that. But Michael’s had a “SUNDAY ONLY DOORBUSTER” (capslock for emphasis) where one could obtain three canvases for the price of one canvas.  This made me happy.

8. New York Seltzer Coconut Sparkling Water: Coconut, though not my favorite flavor for anything else, is my favorite seltzer water flavor.  It’s my little hit of tropicality each day (yep, made that word up). This one tastes the same as La Croix, but I’m infinitely more pleased with the design on the can. BREAKING NEWS: In linking this up to their website, I was informed that there is also a watermelon flavor.  I am fascinated by this and will go hunting for it posthaste.

What did you do last weekend? Any suggestions for things I could add to my list?