What is Inspired Fun?

Welcome to this cozy little corner of the internet I call home.  I’m glad you stopped by, and I hope you stay for awhile.  My house is yours.  

Who am I?  

I’m Allie Becker, a curator and creator of inspired fun.  I undertook this important job title early in 2017.  This concept was birthed shortly after I discovered Gabby Bernstein’s New Year’s resolution was a simple: “Have more fun.”

I heard that, and it resonated down to my very core.

I thought that I was already pretty great at having fun, but I quickly began to realize what I perceived as a barrel of laughs was actually holding me back a lot of the time. I wasn’t having inspired fun.  Nope.  I was forcing myself into having fun the way the “cool kids” were, based solely on my perceptions of what worked for other people—not based on my own heart or intuition.

Clearly, having fun in the traditional sense just wasn’t cutting it.

So? In came the modifier: inspired.  Have more inspired fun.  Thus came the rebirth of this website.

Having inspired fun is pretty simple, once you get the hang of it.  You’ve got to spend a little bit of time upfront with yourself, though.  Take yourself on a few dates.  Reacquaint yourself with your eccentricities and quirks. Then, I ask you to make a list.  A happiness toolkit.  On that list, scribble down what makes you truly, truly happy.  This might be hard, but I promise it is worth it.  We might have been doing things for years, or decades even, to fit in with what society thinks is super fun, only to find out we actually have no attachment to it, other than some ego-based camaraderie with a group.  If those things sneak up on your list, cross them out.  What are you left with?  A list of things that matter to you.  I bet you, if we dig through that list of things that make your nose crinkle in the beginnings of a laugh, that make your heart do the boot-scootin’ boogie?  We’ll find your inspiration. We’ll find a piece of the puzzle to what makes you human.  And?  We will have a load of fun doing it.

The Inspired Fun Oath:  

"I solemnly promise to spread inspired fun wherever I go.  I toss smiles freely, I know laughter is the spark to light my soul’s kindling, and that having fun isn’t frivolous—it’s necessary to truly actualize my purpose.  I will have more inspired fun every day in whatever ways work for me.  There is no wrong way."

So, without further ado, I ask you to check out some of the things that I’ve found bring me the most joy, the most blissed-out happy, the most inspired fun.  Maybe they will ring true to you.  If so—grab them and throw it in your toolkit.  If not? Toss them aside.  I promise I won’t mind.

Thanks so much for visiting—I’m grateful for you!