Fear, Otherwise Known as Our Biological Security Blanket

Fear keeps us safe.  It's what makes us lock our doors at night.  It is what makes us buy insurance on our cars, our homes, and our own lives. Fear gives us good reason to not stray from the hiking trail, and it is what drives many of us to follow the speed limit.  Fear is a biological security blanket.  It makes us risk-averse, and it keeps us from doing things that could hurt ourselves or others.  Fear is protection.

Fear is also what smothers us. It is what makes people stay at jobs they find boring and what keeps dead relationships from being buried.  Fear makes us believe we aren't strong enough to lift that weight, not beautiful enough to wear that dress, and not smart enough to write that book. Fear stokes the fires of guilt, and guilt burns brightly as self-sabatoge.  Fear is destruction.

I've been on an intense journey of self-discovery the past month or so, and breaking through these fears (what the woo's of the self-help world-- which I now adore-- call our "limiting beliefs") has, at times, left me feeling what I can only describe as being "spiritually naked."  It's uncomfortable, but it is also so very freeing. 

Just a couple of thoughts on fear as I wind down this election Tuesday, and work to replace my fear for tomorrow's results with pure love and light.