"I'll have what she's having:" A Belief in Abundance

How long have people preached to us that there is "only so much to go around?" We've all fallen victim to the green-eyed monster of jealousy, whether we consciously recognize it or not.  It's so very easy to do that these days, with the over-sharing, instantly-gratifying posts people can make on their socials.  Instead of building people up, we can unconsciously turn our energies into negative prickles,  Even if we don't vocalize these feelings, they can build up inside of us over time. 

Well, stop.  You heard me.  You've got to stop.  Recognize, release, and replace those feelings of scarcity with feelings of abundance.   I'm very much into The Science of Getting Rich by my man, Wallace Wattles, and the tenant of his belief is that all we have ever wanted and needed already exists in the universe.  No need to feel competitive or jealous.  There is an abundance to go around.

DiaryAllie Becker