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November 2015 Boxycharm Review

Boxycharm is one of the more recent editions to my subscription box repertoire.  I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but as the months have gone by, I’ve grown quite attached to the products I’ve been receiving each month.  For a cool (albeit a little random) $21.00 a month, you receive five full-sized makeup products, on a pretty randomized shipping schedule.  This a gripe I have with Boxycharm—-I literally never can predict when I’m going to get my box.  The products are generally from brands I’m not super familiar with, though tarte did make an appearance a month or two back.  

Click through the pictures above to see each item!

This month’s lineup is as follows: 

Coolway Leave-In Hair Treatment:  I haven’t tried this product yet, to be perfectly honest.  I have a veritable stockpile of leave-in conditioner thanks to my three subscription boxes.  It seems we are preparing for some great shortage in production, like the time I heard canned pumpkin was going to be in great demand, so I immediately bought four cans (when I normally survive with zero…).  There was no pumpkin shortage that I experienced.  But, if the Great Leave-In Hair Treatment Famine of 2020 ever happens, I’ll be ready.

Pur-lisse 4-in-1 Quadra Benefit Eye Serum: This was the big ticket item in the box—a $65.00 bottle of eye treatment.  I’ve used this on and off, for about two weeks now.  I have noticed no real difference, but I suppose the fact that I’m only using it when I think about it (which is once every three days or so), could be contributing to that.  I need to get on my anti-aging game, as I was nonchalantly referred to as someone over thirty, when I am in fact sitting at a mid-28, thankyouverymuch. 

Concealer Brush: I like this brush!  It’s small and angular, so I can jam my concealer very close to my water line with no problem (and as evidenced by the last paragraph, I am in dire need of more concealer).  I have also used it whilst doing my strobing (a term that makes me think of streaking, for some reason…but I digress). I like to dip the concealer brush in my highlighter and then highlight the inner corners of my eyeballs. BAM. Instant goddess. 

Manna Kadar Lip Stain in All of Me: This was the GRAND SUPREME of products this month.  The color, the formula, the EVERYTHING in this product is on-point.  This was the lip color that was made for my life.  I have never actively pursued products after I’ve used them up from by Boxycharm boxes, but I’ve already scoped out the Manna Kadar website and have picked out a replacement of this color, as well as a few other products.  I’m obsessed. 11/10 stars. 

Studio Makeup Soft Blend Blush in Sahara: This blush would get the silver medal.  It would have been my favorite Boxycharm item so far, had I not received the lip color of the gods as well this month.  As the name implies, it is super blendable, and it is a perfect color for my near-translucent winter skin tone, which falls somewhere between the shades“iridescent and infirmed” and “damn-near dead.”  Something about this shade makes me look alive, and it is also pretty bomb with a contour. I’m a big fan, and I will also be looking into repurchasing this lovely as well. 

This month’s box was pretty great—let’s see if I get any reversal in my aging process thanks to the serum…. but 3 out of the 5 products are immediate wins!  I’m sure the leave-in hair treatment is lovely, but I have no use for opening it this decade. 



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