Silicon Valley Wife...Talks Fashion

Are We Mad About Plaid? 

There are some fashion-y catchphrases that make me grit my teeth.  “Mad about Plaid” is one of them.  Ugh.  But good golly miss molly, do I LOVE plaid. And flannel. And houndstooth.  And any other print that requires parallel lines and ninety degree angles.  I wanted to feature some of my absolutely favorite and fabulous plaid pieces in today’s entry.  These are my fall/winter staples.  As you recall, SVW lives in the Bay Area, so all of these will be totes approps (another awful phrase) from now until February, if I want them to be.  Without further adieu….

(clockwise from left)

1. Camel Coat with Plaid Lining, Thread and Supply (retails for $120, but I snapped mine up from TJ Maxx for $32.00 on sale!):  This little beauty is going to transition perfectly from fall to winter here in the bay.  I love the hint of plaid on the hood and the cuffs, and the toggle closure is beyond perfect.  I’m excited to add this to my coat repetoire!  I think it is 100% the best casual coat I’ve purchased in the last 3.5 years (arbitrary amount of time, yes).  

Link to Shop

2. Blanket Scarf, Merona Brand at Target ($19.95):  Yes, I’m aware this is a massively popular trend.  Yes, I know that some people would call my plaid blanket scarf “basic bitch-worthy” (a term I LOATHE. But I digress).  But it is a low key staple in my wardrobe this fall.  I can literally use it as a blanket at work if I get too cold, and it is so massive that I can hide all of my secrets (chins, pimples, extra food for later) within its glorious folds.  I will most certainly invest in this scarf in some other colors/prints as well. 

Link to Shop

3.  Deconstructed Plaid Shirt, We the Free (I bought this last year, for I think $50.00 at Nordstrom Rack):  This shirt is an acquired taste.  A coworker told me “SVW, I like how you are wearing ALL the flannels right now.”  Which is true.  This is a patchwork quilt-type shirt, with a length that is JPA (just past ass) so you can wear it with leggin’s and feel okay about it.  I also suggest some knee-high boots.  It’s just hella comfortable and cute—and perfect for a hayride or apple picking or pie-making or whatever other adorable, insta-worthy activity you participate in during the fall. 

Link to Shirt on Poshmark (no longer being sold at Free People)

4. Plaid, Gold-Toed Smoking Slippers, 14th & Union (purchased a year or two ago…I think I paid $20.00 dollars for these at Nordstrom Rack—please note that your Silicon Valley Wife is a BARGAIN SHOPPER, y’all. It’s my cardio.):  These are my Plaid Tour de Force.  I love these more than just about any flat I have.  They make me feel like a dapper dandy any time I wear them. I actually have an entire outfit planned around this one pair of shoes (It is super-muted to let them steal the show), and I swear it is my low-key power look.  Just slap a gold toe on anything, and you’ll feel like a boss (can someone put that on a coffee mug for me, please?).  

Link to similar shoe (gold toe, not plaid)

(plaid, not gold toe)

5. Red, White, & Blue Flannel, beach lunch lounge (another Maxxinista purchase at $24.99, but similar styles can be found for $68.00): I bought this dude with the explicit concept of “year-round flannel” in my brain.  This is adorable with boots and dark denim, but is equally stunning with white shorts and flippy-floppies, unbuttoned, with your bikini top peeking through.  It’s a year-round flannel, y’all! 

Link to Shop Similar (non-flannel, sadly..but same print)